Little Things To Remember Around the Apartment

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Each day is similar to the last. We get up, go to work or school, take care of things that need to be taken care of, come home to our apartment, relax and sleep. The next day we get up and do it all over again.

It’s part of life, but it’s important that in all the bustle of daily life you don’t forget about the little things that need to be done around the apartment. We put together a list of some of the more important little things. Paying attention to them will help make your awesome apartment lifestyle even more awesome.

Smoke Alarm

One of the most common items that must be taken care of regularly is the smoke alarm. In most apartments, the smoke alarm will remind you when its battery is low by beeping constantly. Many communities’ maintenance teams test this every now and then, but if yours starts beeping, it means the battery is low, and you should either change it yourself or call your apartment manager.

Air Filter

Another item that should be checked and changed out every one to three months is your air filter. This traps all of the hair, dust, dirt and other gunk as your A/C intakes air to heat and cool your apartment. When these get clogged, it can make your A/C work harder and drive up your energy bill. Your community management most likely will change this for you if you just call and let them know it needs to be changed. If you are going to do it yourself though, be sure to ask them if that is okay.


Air filters not only capture dust and hair and such…they also capture bugs. If you find bugs in your apartment and are starting to see a problem develop, let your apartment management know as soon as possible. If you don’t let them know about the problem, they won’t know that it’s there, and those nasty little bugs will multiply. Whether it is one silverfish in the bathroom, a roach in the kitchen or a spider on the ceiling, let management know immediately.


Is your refrigerator running? Well you’d better go catch it! Seriously, though, leaks can become an issue. Not only on damage, but also on your water bill. If you notice a leaky faucet, running toilet or fridge, let your apartment manager know immediately so they can send maintenance management to take care of the issue before it gets any worse. Leaks will not go away without the help of maintenance, so be sure and get this taken care of. Don’t be a water waster.

Clean Patios

You will want to be sure and keep patios, porches and doorsteps clean of any clutter or trash. Trash bags left outside overnight attract raccoons, birds, rats, bugs and other vermin. Make sure you always take trash to the dumpster or set it out only on the mornings designated for trash pickup. Remember to keep things clean and help others keep things clean.

Dusting & Cleaning

Keep your place in tip-top shape, and keep your own allergies in check, by dusting often and checking for dirt or dust build-up in the corners, walls, window sills and furniture. If you don’t have time or patience to keep up with all this cleaning, hire a housekeeper to come by once a month to get your apartment clean.

It’s important to remember that your apartment management is on your side, so anything that you see that needs to be taken care of should be reported to them. They’ll help you make sure things get done. Just be perceptive and look out for your apartment.

Oh yeah…one last thing…be sure to turn out the lights when you aren’t in the room. You’ll save money on electricity and you’ll also save your bulb life. It’s the little things. Remember ‘em.

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